How to properly write a cover letter

The job cover letter is a must-have element when applying for a job position. Remember that it is your opportunity to stand out and show how you are the ideal candidate. Do you need help to structure it? Here are some tips. 1.Header: Include your contact information (name, address, phone number, email). 2. Salutation: Address […]

5 questions to define your next career steps.

At some point in your career, the question of whether you are where you want to be professionally, or whether you should consider taking a small step forward to the next chapter in your career, has surely crossed your mind. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or looking for a change, it […]

Tips for a good Selection Process

In the journey of seeking and obtaining a new job, the selection process becomes an important stage that has an impact on the outcome of this search for the candidate. From the other side of the table, candidates conduct interviews and assessments where it is important to bring out the best part of yourself. Complying […]

How to prepare a good CV

We live in a time where the job market has become more competitive, and standing out from the crowd is becoming more difficult every day. When you apply for a job there are dozens or hundreds of people who are also applying for the same vacancy as you. What can we do to differentiate ourselves […]

Why are IT skills important on your CV?

Nowadays, and taking into account how immersed we live in new technologies, it is not surprising that digital and technological skills have become a highly demanded part of the labor market. Regardless of the professional sector you belong to, possessing and acquiring new skills will mark your career progression. But what are these digital skills? […]

All you need to know to write your CV

Do you want to apply for a job vacancy and need a more updated resume or customize it for that position? Today we bring you all the information you should consider when you are preparing your CV to apply for a job position. The resume usually follows the same structure in general, although each person […]

How to remain employable in the AI Era

The Artificial Intelligence revolution is already well underway and is having a huge impact on the job market. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) brings benefits – for example, it automates the repetitive, monotonous tasks that everyone hates at work – but it also threatens to eliminate jobs that involve doing those tasks. […]

Which aspects are valued in job interviews?

In today’s world of work, standing out in a job interview can make the difference between getting the job you want or falling short of the opportunity. But what exactly do we recruiters look for in a candidate during the interview? Commitment: Commitment is vital, recruiters expect to find an employee who can stay with […]