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Do you need high-level executives for your project?

Executive Headhunting

Are you looking for high-level executives to drive your project forward?

We help you identify and attract exceptional leaders across all C-Suite roles.

We are specialists in the selection of high-potential executives, we locate the best talent for critical positions for your company.

Targeted search for candidates focused on the sectors of reference.

Tailor-made process. Sectoral research to locate the best management candidates.

Rigorous candidate screening to help you get the best leaders for your team.

GUARANTEED processes, with strict compliance with confidentiality, ethics and integrity standards.

We put exceptional leaders at your fingertips


We conduct comprehensive, in-depth assessments of candidates to help you make objective decisions in senior leadership positions, positions for CEOs, CFOs, CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CCO…

We provide a thorough, professional and unbiased analysis of an external company that will be essential to reduce the risks associated with executive turnover.

Local & Global Recruitment

Acertto Talent Linkers

We are based in Spain, with offices in Madrid and Valencia, we are experts in Recruitment and Selection of specialized professionals locally and globally.

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Our areas of expertise

Ingeniería & Industria

Ventas & Desarrollo de Negocio

Marketing online - offline

Tecnología & Comunicaciones. IT

Energía Renovable

Logística & Transporte

Alimentación & Agroindustria

Legal & Financiero

Google reviews

Silverio Candela
Silverio Candela
Gracias a todos los profesionales que lo componen. Trato muy cercano
gian luca colla
gian luca colla
Fast , Effective, consistent. This was my experience with Acertto. I find my new job supported by Giulia Bonasio . I have just to say thank you 👍🏻
Juan David Gonzalez Ordoñez
Juan David Gonzalez Ordoñez
Un proceso de selección rápido, cercano y ágil. Siempre las personas estuvieron pendientes de mi proceso! Excelente empresa!
Ludmila Dinisiuc
Ludmila Dinisiuc
Estoy muy agradecida con el trabajo de Giulia de Acertto. Me ha contactado rápido después del envió de mi curriculum para fijar una hora de entrevista. La entrevista se ha hecho online, lo que me ha facilitado mucho la organización del tiempo. Después de la entrevista con Giulia me contactaron de la empresa interesada, donde conseguí de ser la finalista del proceso de selección obteniendo el puesto de trabajo deseado.
Guille Marí Arcís
Guille Marí Arcís
Mi experiencia ha sido totalmente positiva. El trato por parte de Giulia ha sido excelente y su compromiso y apuesta por mis capacidades fuera de toda duda. De ahí el éxito de todo un largo proceso de selección y consecución de grandes logros. Agradecido totalmente.
Andrea Lorente Cortes
Andrea Lorente Cortes
Me gustaría agradecer de corazón el servicio que me ha proporcionado Acertto Talents Linkers, en especial a Martina que apostó por mi. Mil gracias 🙏
Camila Molina
Camila Molina
Martina muy atenta! Muy buena predisposición de su parte. Muchas gracias!
Raül Querol Llòria
Raül Querol Llòria
Un equipo realmente profesional y muy entregado, que se comunica con los usuarios con una atención y tacto inmejorable. Gracias a Acertto, y en especial a Sofía y Martina, he conseguido un puesto de trabajo muy interesante e importante para mí. Estoy convencido de que sin su labor, esto no podría haber sido posible. ¡¡Muchas gracias!!
Florian Engelhardt
Florian Engelhardt
Buen trato y acompañamiento durante todo el proceso de selección!


Our Services:


Acertto Talent Linkers

At Acertto we are committed to actively contribute to reducing our environmental impact.

We are committed through the ONE TREE PLANTED partnership to plant a tree for each successfully completed process, in places around the world with the greatest need for reforestation.

Do you need to hire a key profile?


We are an Executive Search firm, specialists in the search and selection of high-impact profiles for your company or organization. We have a constantly updated network of contacts among high-level executives within our areas of expertise.

As an international executive search firm, we are experts in identifying and attracting senior executives to fill challenging and business-critical vacancies.

We know that they are key professionals to achieve their goals and we have designed a specific process to attract the best talent.

It is a service specialized in the search and selection for the highest ranking positions within companies and organizations. These are managerial and usually strategic positions within companies. Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Director, Commercial Director, Chief Expansion Officer…

The C-Suite is a term that is increasingly used internationally. They are the Heads of the company, they make up the most important and influential group within an organization. This level, also called Executive or C-Level, are responsible for making High Risk decisions in the company, the workload is very demanding, their salary range is high although it varies greatly depending on the sector to which they are dedicated.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) ; COO (Chief Operations Officer); CFO (Chief Financial Officer); CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer); CMO (Chief Marketing Officer); CIO (Chief Information or Innovation Officer).

We call Executive Search the search and evaluation of the highest-ranking professionals of companies. They are managers with a key role within the organization, also called C-Level or C-Suite professionals. For this type of process it is necessary to have a good network of contacts within the sector where we want to locate the ideal candidate for the new project, in addition the deadlines for the incorporation of candidates are usually longer and extreme confidentiality must be extreme during the process.

Headhunting, which deals with the location and selection of all types of profiles, usually intermediate levels or those with a high degree of specialization, executives, middle managers and specialized personnel, is a more global term, which covers all professional levels of companies.