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At Acertto we help you find the team you need to achieve your goals. We are experts in recruitment and selection of specialized professionals for companies and organizations.

Our method allows us to present finalist candidates within an average of 10 working days.

All our processes are guaranteed.

Only if we find and incorporate the right person into your company do we invoice for the process.

We have a team of multilingual consultants who conduct interviews in different languages as part of the process.

Expertise in different areas, Engineering, Industry, IT, Digital Marketing, Sales, Business Development… and in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing, energy, logistics and transport, food and agribusiness sectors.

Areas of specialization

Local & Global Recruitment

Acertto Talent Linkers

We are based in Spain, with offices in Madrid and Valencia, we are experts in Recruitment and Selection of specialized professionals locally and globally.

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Silverio Candela
Silverio Candela
Gracias a todos los profesionales que lo componen. Trato muy cercano
gian luca colla
gian luca colla
Fast , Effective, consistent. This was my experience with Acertto. I find my new job supported by Giulia Bonasio . I have just to say thank you 👍🏻
Juan David Gonzalez Ordoñez
Juan David Gonzalez Ordoñez
Un proceso de selección rápido, cercano y ágil. Siempre las personas estuvieron pendientes de mi proceso! Excelente empresa!
Ludmila Dinisiuc
Ludmila Dinisiuc
Estoy muy agradecida con el trabajo de Giulia de Acertto. Me ha contactado rápido después del envió de mi curriculum para fijar una hora de entrevista. La entrevista se ha hecho online, lo que me ha facilitado mucho la organización del tiempo. Después de la entrevista con Giulia me contactaron de la empresa interesada, donde conseguí de ser la finalista del proceso de selección obteniendo el puesto de trabajo deseado.
Guille Marí Arcís
Guille Marí Arcís
Mi experiencia ha sido totalmente positiva. El trato por parte de Giulia ha sido excelente y su compromiso y apuesta por mis capacidades fuera de toda duda. De ahí el éxito de todo un largo proceso de selección y consecución de grandes logros. Agradecido totalmente.
Andrea Lorente Cortes
Andrea Lorente Cortes
Me gustaría agradecer de corazón el servicio que me ha proporcionado Acertto Talents Linkers, en especial a Martina que apostó por mi. Mil gracias 🙏
Camila Molina
Camila Molina
Martina muy atenta! Muy buena predisposición de su parte. Muchas gracias!
Raül Querol Llòria
Raül Querol Llòria
Un equipo realmente profesional y muy entregado, que se comunica con los usuarios con una atención y tacto inmejorable. Gracias a Acertto, y en especial a Sofía y Martina, he conseguido un puesto de trabajo muy interesante e importante para mí. Estoy convencido de que sin su labor, esto no podría haber sido posible. ¡¡Muchas gracias!!
Florian Engelhardt
Florian Engelhardt
Buen trato y acompañamiento durante todo el proceso de selección!

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Acertto Talent Linkers

At Acertto Talent Linkers, we are committed to actively contribute to the reduction of  our environmental impact.


In partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED we are commited to plant a tree for each successfully completed process, in places around the world with the greatest need for reforestation.

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It is our specialized Headhunting service.

We apply Inbound Recruitment techniques to attract the best talent to your project.

We create a digital marketing strategy for each project and provide the best candidate experience.

We manage to find the professionals who best suit your project, evaluating the fit with the corporate culture, and management style of your organization, as well as future expectations, soft, and hard skills.

Our goal is to find the ideal candidate to join and consolidate in the team, bringing growth to your organization.

Inbound Recruiting to a Personnel Selection strategy and attracting the best talent for your project. Traditional recruitment, in which we advertised an offer on job portals and waited for the ideal candidate to arrive, has become outdated for specialized profiles, middle managers and managers.

Inbound Recruiting allows us to go directly to the optimal candidate for the project, focusing on the target audience precisely. To do this, we use different software tools and Digital Marketing strategies, we make the candidate feel attracted to the company and the position, optimizing the selection process to provide the best experience.

For the process to be complete, once incorporated into the company, we must continue with Talent Retention Strategies.

The entire inbound recruitment strategy must be global. Once the candidate joins the company, it must continue the Inbound Recruiting strategy with techniques to continue building professional loyalty on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s put the candidate at the center through Inbound Recruiting, ACCE:

  • Attracts
  • Converts
  • Hire
  • Falls

Marketing has come to the recruitment of personnel out of absolute necessity, and at Acertto we believe that it has done so to stay. Specialized professionals are increasingly demanding when deciding on a new project and making the decision to change.

Recruitment Marketing consists of the use of a digital marketing strategy to attract new staff to companies and organizations.

For us, it is one of the most important stages of Inbound Recruiting that allows us to attract, engage and select the best professional profiles available on the market.

The brightest professionals, with specific skills or coming from high-demand sectors, are increasingly demanding to make the decision to switch to the right company.

They are usually active professionals, who can be open to professional change only if the company fits with their personal and professional goals, promoting growth in both areas.

In short, candidates have become consumers. The product they demand has a global approach, it is not only a job that motivates them with a commensurate remuneration, it includes a suitable environment, a corporate culture aligned with their values, being able to reconcile and integrate their work and professional life.

Our focus as recruiters is on marketing, which has become indispensable.

We must study each new job offer in order to offer the best approach that is attractive to our candidate-person,  researching all the information related to the target company and of course understanding the requirements for the job.

From this point we will be able to identify the marketing tools that will lead us to the objective, THE IDEAL CANDIDATE FOR THE POSITION AND THE ORGANIZATION.

At Acertto Talent Linkers we carry out Personnel Selection processes for specialized profiles, middle managers and managers.

Our method combines the best of traditional recruitment, in terms of proximity and direct contact with professionals, with the latest recruitment techniques, Inbound Recruitment, Recruitment marketing, social networks, the use of AI, headhunting or direct search.

Our goal is to attract and select the best talent for your organization, and ensure that it integrates with the values and culture of the target company to ensure its long-term permanence.

The phases of our process, once the assignment is received, we begin the RESEARCH PHASE, which helps us to exhaustively define the target candidate and to move on to the next one.

ATTRACTION PHASE, in this phase we build a customized Recruitment Marketing Strategy for each project.

EVALUATION PHASE, at this stage we already have a group of pre-selected candidates who will pass one or two interviews and language assessment tests.

PRESENTATION OF FINALIST CANDIDATES, we present the reports of the professionals that best adapt to the needs and corporate culture of the company.

FINAL DECISION, we help in the final decision, the negotiation of conditions, bringing the two parties as close as possible and promoting trust to achieve the best result.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment, we are able to gain agility and precision in onboarding.

Our team of Educators has numerous AI tools to achieve maximum effectiveness , although we know that there is still a long way to go with these technologies and in the development of their potential.

At Acertto Talent Linkers, we are committed to innovation and apply Artificial intelligence to screen the curriculum and to personalize the candidate’s experience. Thanks to AI, we have streamlined selection processes and improved the average response time.

In what ways has AI helped us in Recruitment?

At Acertto Talent Linkers we have managed to automate tasks, mainly in the CV screening, we process applications more quickly, gaining speed and efficiency in the pre-selection of suitable profiles… It also helps us when it comes to writing the best offers.

To achieve the best results, we combine an AI with specific recruitment software.




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