Last April, Euronews reported that in 2023 an average of “75% of employers in 21 European countries could not find workers equipped with the right skills in 2023. This was up from 42% in 2018, an increase of 33 percentage points. And there’s no sign of demand for skilled workers slowing any time soon

In other words, it’s a candidate’s market.

If you are a qualified professional looking for a good job, one of the quickest and easiest options to jump into the workforce is to work with a recruitment consultancy. This is because consulting firms are hired to find your talent.

Still not convinced? Then, consider the range of benefits that working with recruitment consultants offer.

Access to Diverse Opportunities

Recruiting firms have more information about employment opportunities that candidates may not be able to find on their own. In The Globe and Mail article “How job hunters can use recruitment firms to their advantage,” Kathy Kerr notes that consultants can “introduce candidates to organizations and hiring managers they might not otherwise access.”

They know that “computers don’t necessarily hire the right people,” and may notice you have the right skills for a company while the same company’s AI software just ignores them.

Insight into Employer Benefits

Recruitment consultants are aware of the benefits that employers offer but that are often not advertised on traditional job boards.  This information can help candidates find positions that offer attractive perks beyond salary, such as flexible working arrangements, career development opportunities, and wellbeing support.

Understanding of Market Trends

You can see this benefit as a complement to the previous one. Recruitment consultants understand the benefits job seekers are looking for, which employers offer these perks, and where to find them. They know when companies are planning to hire, sometimes anticipate the new positions coming into the market, understand what the job market’s expectations are, and have data on the employers looking for new talent.

With those insights, they assess what kind of candidate you are and what your prospects may offer in your case.

Enhanced Job Matching

Consultants are experts in recognizing which candidate better fits which role.

When you participate in an interview with a recruitment consultant, they know in detail what the employer wants; by getting to know what you want, they can match you with a company that will be a better environment for your character, skills, and needs, leading to long term satisfaction and the peace of mind that comes with doing the job you like.

Career Development and Training

Recruitment consultants can help you identify opportunities where employers offer training and development. This is especially important in the current job market, where updating your skills can help you keep up with a rapidly evolving, tech-dominated work environment. Candidates who enhance their skills will increase their employability and endure the market fluctuations better than their less trained peers.


The talent shortage across Europe presents an opportunity for skilled professionals. In this candidate-driven market, partnering with a reputable recruitment agency can unlock your full potential. These experts have access to diverse jobs, insights into employer benefits, market trends, and job matching criteria. With their inside knowledge of the market and of the factors that are important to you, they can guide you towards an ideal position.  

In addition, it is important to mention the fact that being in the database of a consulting firm always represents an advantage for the candidate, since it will provide him/her with easier access to new and constant professional opportunities.