Nowadays, and taking into account how immersed we live in new technologies, it is not surprising that digital and technological skills have become a highly demanded part of the labor market.

Regardless of the professional sector you belong to, possessing and acquiring new skills will mark your career progression.

But what are these digital skills? Possessing digital skills means being able to work effectively and confidently in digital environments, making use of the right tools, such as email, instant messaging, collaboration applications and office suites. Having the ability to surf the web securely and understanding its structure and correct use, basic cybersecurity concepts, is also important.

On the other hand, and more advanced, having basic programming skills has also become an almost mandatory skill. Being able to understand how programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript work, as well as the most basic concepts of web development, allows you to contribute significantly in digital projects and achieve effective communication with development teams.

In order to highlight these IT skills in your resume, we present a series of concrete examples of technological skills currently in demand in the labor market.

We live in a reality so saturated with information that being visible in the crowd is the fundamental basis for success. Therefore, having knowledge of SEO and managing social media advertising are vital to creating a solid online presence. Understanding how keyword usage works, crafting engaging content and effectively managing campaigns in the online sphere. These skills can serve you well and make a positive difference in your career.

Currently possessing a medium-high level in Microsoft Office applications is often a basic and indispensable requirement in many jobs. This is because they are necessary tools for the proper management of information and communication. A firm command of Microsoft Office helps you to show your ability to work effectively in an office environment, manage documents and promote teamwork.

As companies are adopting more advanced and emerging technologies today, the need for professionals who understand and manage this field is also growing.

Despite this growing demand, the reality is that few professionals are prepared and qualified to work with these technologies.

Nevertheless, these technologies are redefining entire industries and creating new jobs. From automating tasks to predicting trends, artificial intelligence is becoming a major focus of business innovation.

Nowadays, many companies use certain software to manage the main functional areas of the organization. Knowing which ones are the most used can open doors for you in many occasions.

These systems allow information to flow efficiently between all departments of a company, thus improving internal communication, decision-making and operational efficiency in general.