In today’s world of work, standing out in a job interview can make the difference between getting the job you want or falling short of the opportunity. But what exactly do we recruiters look for in a candidate during the interview?

Commitment: Commitment is vital, recruiters expect to find an employee who can stay with the company for a long period of time, so it will be important the commitment he/she can show with the company and its objectives.

Passion: Many times in job interviews we ask candidates about their hobbies. In this way, what we intend is to know more about the personality and concerns of these.

Attitude: Attitude is fundamental. Recruiters look for candidates with an energetic and motivated attitude. Are you enthusiastic about the opportunity? Are you able to face new challenges with determination and maintain a positive attitude even in difficult situations?

Preparation and Knowledge: Preparation is key to standing out in an interview. Candidates who have researched the vacancy, their industry and the position they are applying for stand out from those who are puzzled about which position they have applied for. Demonstrating that you are well informed shows your genuine interest and commitment to the selection process.

Flexibility and Adaptability: In an ever-changing work environment, flexibility and adaptability are essential. Recruiters value candidates who can adapt quickly to new situations, take on additional responsibilities and work effectively even under pressure.

References: It is an extra plus point to come with references to a job interview, as they add value and credibility to your CV. References are provided by previous employers or supervisors and can be checked by the interviewer, always with the prior permission of the interviewee.

Remember to show the best of yourself, both in terms of technical skills and interpersonal skills, and be sure to make your interest in the opportunity visible. Good luck in your next interview!