When we talk about an effective work team, there are many aspects to take into account. There are a series of factors and conditions that favor this perfect combination that results in the perfect work coordination.

In order to achieve this, we need to get the best out of each person, and to achieve this we will have to get each of the team members to perform the tasks in which they perform best, thus neutralizing the weaknesses or shortcomings with the strengths of their colleagues. Thus, as a result, the team nourishes itself and the members complement each other to squeeze the most out of their capabilities.

In order to do this, it is very interesting to make use of tools to extract the dominant personality of individuals, which are very helpful in establishing personality profiles according to their work preferences:

From the management of everything discussed above, 6 aspects emerge to have under control when we want to get the most out of our team.

Team members must be able to communicate freely with each other to manage their needs effectively, express their ideas, share information and listen to each other’s opinions.

Each component must understand their roles and responsibilities, this avoids confusion and ensures that each task is assigned to the right person.

It is important that the team understands and internalizes the objectives, understanding and assimilation of these facilitate a common vision of the goal and rapport in the efforts.

Trust and good treatment among peers provides good atmosphere and bonding, this fosters a sense of belonging and greater team motivation.

Being clear during the process, makes it easier to integrate the team against the fulfillment of the established objectives. A person who knows his project well is a more effective and productive person.

Achieving maximum productivity requires individual commitment on the part of the members. This is achieved by providing workers with a broad perspective of the work. Achieving a sense of belonging among team members greatly facilitates their motivation and therefore efficiency.