Have you ever wondered if your employees need to be in the office in person to perform your professional services?

From the possibility of carrying out our work in the workplace face-to-face to the fully remote mode of working, we have seen and continue to see how work dynamics are changing in the direction of international mobility.

“Everywhere, anytime, on all devices” would be a simple way to describe perfectly what enterprise mobility is all about. That all employees have the possibility to work from outside the office, while maintaining 100 % productivity at all times.

Taking as a starting point the situation we live with the Covid-19 in relation to the presentiality of work, the concept of teleworking from anywhere in the world, supporting all the basic aspects of an employment relationship, is taking more and more consistency today.

Some advantages offered by the implementation of this method

  1. Reduction of fixed office costs: It is a way to reduce some expenses such as drinking water and electricity by not having all the staff in the office on a daily basis. You can also avoid the unnecessary purchase of technological equipment.
  2. Increased efficiency: Having a more efficient time management makes workers more organized and effective, which can increase your company’s productivity.
  3. Access to new markets: If such mobility involves relocating employees to another region or country, it can become a gateway to new suppliers, customers, and business for your organization.
  4. Talent attraction: Offering corporate mobility is a competitive advantage in attracting talent. Organizations that offer their employees the option to work flexibly increase the possibility of attracting highly qualified professionals from any geographic location.

Implementing corporate mobility is not only a matter of saving travel time and convenience, but also promotes more sustainable mobility by reducing unnecessary car trips on many occasions. This is a benefit for employees, companies and the environment, making this initiative a relevant strategy today.