The Benefits of Working with Headhunters & Recruiters

In a not-too-distant past, competition for talent was localized. Most companies managed their talent search in-house, through their own Human Resources Department. They advertised openings in the local papers, recruited local candidates, and promoted from inside their ranks. They did so because both the competition for talent and the candidate pool were limited to the immediate […]

Keys to a good teamwork.

When we talk about an effective work team, there are many aspects to take into account. There are a series of factors and conditions that favor this perfect combination that results in the perfect work coordination. In order to achieve this, we need to get the best out of each person, and to achieve this […]

Corporate mobility, what is it?

Have you ever wondered if your employees need to be in the office in person to perform your professional services? From the possibility of carrying out our work in the workplace face-to-face to the fully remote mode of working, we have seen and continue to see how work dynamics are changing in the direction of […]

In addition to salary, what aspects are key to attracting talent?

Is salary alone the reason why a person changes or stays with a company? Recent research indicates that there are other factors that influence a person to value a job. What we do know that is taken into account is the perceived attractiveness of the company in general. What does this imply? To create an […]

Attracting Talent: Generation Z

Attracting and retaining the best candidates has always been a challenge. And now that the talent market is more in demand than ever, it is even more difficult: it is more advantageous, therefore, to have practices aimed at certain groups that have just entered the labor market, such as the well-known generation Z. First of […]

Leadership and transformation in the People Department.

Effectively and conclusively managing human resources in companies is no easy task. In an environment where there is strong competition between organizations, and where retaining talented employees is difficult, leadership within this department becomes a determining factor to stand out and succeed. This means that the way in which this part is managed and led […]