Recruitment Marketing, what it is and how it works.

Recruitment Marketing: Connecting Top Talent with Opportunities. In today’s world of work, finding the right talent for a company can be a challenge. This is where a strategy that is growing in popularity known as Recruitment Marketing comes into play. It is a strategic approach that combines marketing techniques with traditional recruiting practices. Its main […]

People Analytics in Human Resources

People Analytics, also known as HR Analytics, is a discipline within human resources that focuses on analyzing data to make decisions related to talent management and employee performance. But what does it actually do? Well, it is the process of collecting, analyzing and applying data on the behavior, interactions and characteristics of employees within an […]

The Spanish labor market and its main challenges.

The Spanish labor market is in a gradual recovery phase after the ravages caused by the pandemic. Even so, it can be observed that, in recent months, there has been an improvement in employment figures, with a progressive decrease in the unemployment rate. However, it continues to face significant structural challenges. On the other hand, […]