At some point in your career, the question of whether you are where you want to be professionally, or whether you should consider taking a small step forward to the next chapter in your career, has surely crossed your mind. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or looking for a change, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions to decide and assess where you are, and where you want to go in the near future. In this article, we show you some of the questions you can ask yourself to start assessing and reflecting on your career path so you can make informed decisions.

  1. Am I satisfied with my work-life balance? It is important to take a few minutes to think about how your career affects your overall well-being. You can reflect on the amount of time you spend at work and on your personal activities. Do you feel you have enough time for your personal life, family, and hobbies outside of work? You may need to consider adjusting your schedule or setting boundaries to achieve a healthier balance.
  2. What has been my best work experience and why? Think back and carefully analyze your past work experiences. Identify the one you consider to be the best and try to find and write down the reasons why you think so: was it the team you worked with, the type of projects, the work environment, or the company culture? Understanding what elements gave you the most satisfaction will help you look for career opportunities that align with those aspects in the future.
  3. What 3 aspects should my ideal career path have? When visualizing your ideal career path, it is important to define two key features: what kind of tasks or responsibilities would you like to have in your day-to-day life? And what is the work environment that best suits your style? In addition, consider details such as the social impact of your work, opportunities for growth and alignment with your personal values. Establishing these dimensions will provide you with clear guidance when making career decisions and help you pursue opportunities that match your expectations and goals.
  4. What characteristics do I know I don’t want in my next professional project? When you reflect on the aspects you don’t want in your next professional project, you are outlining a set of criteria that will help you filter opportunities and focus on what really aligns with your preferences and values. It may involve identifying toxic work environments, repetitive tasks where you can’t show 100% of your capabilities, or even certain types of leadership that don’t fit your style.
  5. What is currently standing between me and my ideal career path? Reflecting on this question requires a personal analysis of the barriers that may stand in the way of your goals. These may include limitations in skills and knowledge that require time and development on your part, personal fears, real or imagined, current commitments that may require adjustments…